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Forever Okay

November 1, 2012
By blue_ink GOLD, Downers Grove, Illinois
blue_ink GOLD, Downers Grove, Illinois
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"Reality is a state of mind”

I say I’ll be fine
But to me that’s the scary part about life
To only ever be okay
And never know paradise or bliss
Just to be kept in a half-life
Always just barely getting by
To never know what love is
To be ignorant of the passion of sin
I don’t know how long I can stay
If forever is to be this way
They tell me I’m young
But I’m too old to ever know teenage love
Scared because I can’t break free
And I know no one is coming to get me
I feel things too deep
And the feeling is never mutual
I wish I could stay in the shallow end of the sea
Give me your hand and I promise I won’t let it go
But you’ll cut mine off and take my broken soul
I’d still give you everything
Except I’m not everything.

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