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November 30, 2012
By RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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I use to be your marionette
Let you pull my strings to make me move
Let your action be my reactions
Followed your every motion
Did what you told me to without complaining
I was not your prisoner
We we’re one.
I am mobile

The feeling of having someone to trust
So fully was intoxicating
Like a drug that kept me going.
You held me up I was never left unsupported
Until the end when I would bow
The applause being my payment

I let your fingers and hands play God
You knew what you were doing
I was your beautiful toy
Your main attraction
I preformed each pose to perfection
Not a tow was out of place
Never a wrong step
I could not possibly be disobedient
You were too good at directing me
Your will flowed through me like a purifying water.
I am mobile

Until the fateful day that you dropped me
Forgetting to pick up the strings
You left me crumpled on the wood floor
Dust swirling in dark circle in your absence
Unable to move for myself
I was trapped on lifeless twine
My body limp without use
Limbs bent at odd angles abandoned
Already missing your warmth
Without you I was motionless
I am Immobile

When you left you took my soul with you
And so in that dark room of the theater
I envisioned a new one
Created blue prints in my head
I lay there silent
By my insides were moving ever faster
I was transforming
Creating a identity completely my own
Nothing about it was you.
I cut my bonds the ones that you once held
I no longer needed them
I was no longer your prisoner
I had formed a new body.
I am mobile

I released myself from your costume
I no longer identified with it
There was no resemblance between us
I carved away at the body that you made for me
Disgusted with what I realized use to be so fake
I left, leaving behind all that reminded me of you
Starting anew
I became my own master
I was the one who profited from what I did
I controlled my body to perform the daces I never got to
Let the music of my own soul support my form
I was free from the controlling life I use to have
I am forever mobile

The author's comments:
Origanly this poem had a diffrent ending but it was sad and I felt like I needed a happy poem instead so I changed it and this is what came out of it.

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