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Wicked Games

December 9, 2012
By Avalon,Liv GOLD, Nelson, Other
Avalon,Liv GOLD, Nelson, Other
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Loved you once love you still always have always will.~ Theres always a little truth behind every "just kidding" a little knowledge behind every " i don't know"~ a little emotion behind every " i don"t care"~ And a little pain behind every "I'm Okay".

I like you so much it literally hurts
Butterflies flutter throughout my body; I think i could burst

Doubt flickers through my fragile state
I may still be a prop in your wicked games

An acquired taste for youths lips
Firm grip on smooth weightless hips

Consume me with your entrancing self
Oh how you always treat me so damn well

What can i do? if my doubts say you don't feel the same
I pretend i don't see through your wicked games

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