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When I was two and ten

December 19, 2012
By Nikki1559 SILVER, Hillsboro, North Dakota
Nikki1559 SILVER, Hillsboro, North Dakota
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When I was two and ten, I moved to a new school
New faces were all around, and everyone was rude
Everywhere I went it was always he same
Nobody liked me and it hurt a lot

When I was two and ten I had no friends at all
Everyone would point and laugh if I would accidentally fall
I would go home in tear because I was so unloved
And I would find no comfort in the embrace of my mom’s hug.

When I was two and ten, I was impressionable
I always cared what others thought
I didn’t know that others opinions were meaningless
I just wanted to be left alone

Now I am seven and ten and I could care less what others think
The only person I try to impress is myself
Others opinions don’t matter but I will sometimes take their criticism
I am friends with the people who once mocked me

When I was ten and two I was very impressionable
I cared too much about what others thought
Now I’m then and seven and I don’t care what others think
And if I did it wouldn’t matter because I am a new person

The author's comments:
When I first moved to Hillsboro I had no friends whatsoever. That was in 6th grade. Now I’m a senior in High school and I don’t care if people like me anymore :) I only care about what I think about myself.

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