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December 31, 2012
By SugarLoxez GOLD, Orlando, Florida
SugarLoxez GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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\\\"No one knows who the real god is but whoever it was gave us an amazing gift..... insanity\\\" ;P

You might stop words from being spoken,
But you CAN'T stop my pencil from writing.
You can threaten with force,
But who say's we'll go along with it.
You can take away our pens,
but pencils can erase mistakes.
You can prevent this revolution,
But you can't prevent what's already been done.
You may brong tears to our eyes,
But we shall not all beg.
You can destroy the marks,
But we'll think on paper.
You may burn all that may be written on,
But walls are blank too.
Try and drive us insane,
except our words will forever be in our brains.
You can torture us hear and there,
we'll silence our games.
You can kill us as well,
But you'd never know.
We are warriors,
And your all going to lose.
You are tortures,
who are gonna try and win.
But were warriors,
Were not backing down anytime soon.

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