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Love Martyr

January 12, 2013
By AlyssaSunico DIAMOND, Taguig City, Other
AlyssaSunico DIAMOND, Taguig City, Other
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Is it stupid of me to like
A person like you
Is it stupid of me to think
You would change
But I guess we’re both stupid

I can’t believe the rush I felt
When you talked to me
Who would’ve known
It was that easy

But I remembered what you did
I can recall my tear stained face
And all the things you said
Is on repeat

But you’re so sweet
Worrying about me
And so dumb
To think I would leave

I don’t think you really know me
If you do, what were you thinking
I don’t let go that easily
Especially since you mean so much to me

And now I sit cold and afraid
Of what might happen
But then again, I’ve been through this before
Again and again

I don’t care
Can’t you see?
All I want to do
Is to speak to you

Talk to you, love you
Without worrying
That you’ll just leave me
Hanging there

This is the 21st century
Martyrs don’t exist
You might be the last of your specie
A love martyr

Don’t you know
What I need
Is not your protection
But your presence

Sadly, I can’t do anything
You’ve made up your mind
And I’ll accept that wholeheartedly
But don’t be surprised if I’m gone
You got what you want

And I’m gone.

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