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Days and days

January 24, 2013
By BrianMMeagher SILVER, Rutland, Massachusetts
BrianMMeagher SILVER, Rutland, Massachusetts
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I remember those warm summer nights
Always first to admit that we're right
Though we never seemed to be
Pale skin, and a cloud of grey is all I see
As we inhaled deeply, preferring to not let go
We slowly sliped into our fall cloths
We left things up spoken
stealing glances as a token
Talking of the changing leaves
and hoping for something we'll never be
Soon the days grew darker
and our conversations longer
Your where the first to make a move
we didn't know then we had so much to lose
Cold skin on our finger tips
warmed solely by cigarettes
We began to not find the time
whose fault is it, your's or mine?
As the snow receded
we couldn't simply concede that
We where never meant to be
I wish someone then had told me
Looking at charred white near the end
Take one more long drag hoping it would mend
What we've be come
I wonder now if I was the only one
I try and kick this habit
You simply won't have it
Another line was drawn
We both know what side we're on
You stay out late never sharing we're you've been
You'll be home? You're getting upset if I question when
You're dodging my calls, back then I wondered why
Come to find it was another guy
The warm days have returned
Not wishing for what I once yearned
We sat in my dad's two door
You said we were no more
I drove you back to your home
Then rode away alone
Smoke trailed me, off to an unfamiliar place
You left me with this mistress I can't escape

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