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Who Are You?

January 22, 2013
By shishi1995 BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
shishi1995 BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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Who are you?

You’re not the number of pounds you weigh

nor the size of your designer jeans.

You’re not the height of your body

nor the price of your new shoes.

Nor are you the color of your hair

or the grade you get on your next Algebra exam.

Who are you?

You’re not the amount of money that your parents make

nor the membership to the gym.

You’re not the neighborhood you live in

nor the car you drive.

Nor are you the eyeshadow over your eyes

or the position as the captain of the basketball team.

Who are you really?

You’re the songs on your iPod

and the photos you took with your camera.

You’re the stack of your favorite books on your nightstand

and the cup of hot cocoa you love on a chilly winter day.

You are the people you love

and the places you’ll go.

You are the wishes you wished upon a star

and the hard work and kindness that is so prominent in everything that you do

you are you...

The author's comments:
I saw this post on tumblr that said "WHO ARE YOU?" and so yea, inspired by that post, here's my first post on Teen Ink!

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