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A Broken Dream

February 12, 2013
By Marcie BRONZE, St. Mary&#39s, Kansas
Marcie BRONZE, St. Mary&#39s, Kansas
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It was all so beautiful and it was all so real
But nothing true inside could she feel
She danced, she laughed, she stood her ground
As people came from all around
She saw a man and he was different from the rest
And she knew she'd put him to a test
She walked up to him with a smile
So he led her down the dancing aisle.
It was so nice, better than a dream
And in her fading eyes appeared a gleam
Maybe love could be found after all
But then she heard a chime from the clock on the wall
Then everything changed and the man went away
Though she cried and begged him to stay
As he faded from her side she realized
None of this was even in time
It was but a broken dream and inside,
Her heart ached and she cried

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