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Love Ain't Free

March 5, 2013
By SJUYannick BRONZE, Silver Spring, Maryland
SJUYannick BRONZE, Silver Spring, Maryland
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(You think you’re cool
Well I’m not impressed
For a woman like me
Personality’s the test
You’ll need a job
And a car too
Women like me
We need money)

I got a car
And a job too
I changed my clothes
All this for you
Will you be mine?
My life’s been blue
Why you’re so mean
I have no clue
A man like me
Belongs with you
Give me a chance
For I need you

(Love is a game
Men are to blame
You treat us wrong
When we are old
But when we’re young
We’re treated like gold
You have a car
I’ll talk to you
But know for sure
My love ain’t true)

No matter what
Your motive is
My love will stay
Everlasting it is
I’ll love you tight
Like a soft towel
I’ll love you strong
I’ll love you well

(I wish you luck
My love ain’t free
It’s only your cash
That attracts me)

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