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Gypsy Heart

May 1, 2013
By BexS. SILVER, Copley, Ohio
BexS. SILVER, Copley, Ohio
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She’ll get you,
Ensnare your mind,
Like new morning dew,
The way her black eyes shine.

Her hair is darker than night,
With lips redder than blood,
Most try to fight,
But, drown in the flood.

She won’t let you go,
She’s got a gypsy heart,
Colder than snow,
And a head start.

Because now you’re captured,
You can’t leave,
You’ve been enraptured,
By all the illusions she’s weaved.

And so, while she kisses you with lies,
And you lay tangled in her web,
Your will to live slowly dies,
But your love never ebbs.

She’ll close your eyes,
They won’t open anymore,
She’s been your demise,
Just like the ones before.

Yes, the girl has a gypsy heart,
A deadly soul,
Be careful or she’ll rip you apart,
And swallow you whole.

The author's comments:
This was supposed to be a poem about love...heh, heh. Oh, well. I guess I have a Poe spirit.

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