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May 3, 2013
By Fromtheheartfortwo GOLD, Carson, California
Fromtheheartfortwo GOLD, Carson, California
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"when you trip over love it is easy to get up, but when you fall in love it is impossible to stand again" albert einstein

Is this how walking through a maze feels?
Alone, cold, dark,
Constantly changing,
To become ever more confusing.
Is life just a huge labyrinth?
One that has,
Monsters that are unbeatable,
Terrors that scar you for life,
And sadness around every end?
Where sunlight is a fragment,
Of your imagination.
And love is always a
Lie and a sick game
Of lust and the mix-up of
Infatuation and caring for someone,
And someone always gets hurt.
Is life supposed to be like this?
Where my mom weeps
Every week,
On queue like the rooster in the morning,
Because she can’t get away from my father,
And my dad doesn’t say
“I love you” to her,
I haven’t heard him say,
It to her from as
Far back as I can remember.
Is life supposed to be this bad?
That people are constantly,
Moving from place to place,
To find a better life,
Because everywhere they go brings hell.
Occasionally a genuine smile,
Come about,
The one that is almost extinct.
But then the monster you have seen following you,
From the corner of your eye,
Pushes you into this dead in street,
And takes your precious
To pound it to dust.
His words of apology were
“Its just life.”

The author's comments:
I saw, heard, and witnessed some simple horrors of the world. Then i realized how my horrors were joys to some of the people in the world. I is a hard knock life for everyone. Everyone faces problems rich or poor but there is seriously no way to stop them. Its inevitable for us all to be depressed. Its society and it won't change unless we as a human race find a solution to change it.

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