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Some People Have The Problem Where

May 23, 2013
By BeckoningLovely GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
BeckoningLovely GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Some people have the problem where
They think they’re a special little snowflake
Not me
I’m one of the people who is so painfully aware
That I am not of any unique design
My six sides are not so intricate and fragile
That I am some fleeting metaphor
A glimpse of natural beauty
Before melting

Some people have the problem where
They are worried about what other people think
And some people have the problem
Where it’s their feelings about other people
That cause problems
I don’t really know where I fit in there
I think I’m both
Then again, people who think they fit into every category
Rarely do

Some people think they are everything
Some people think they are “one”

In a book I read many times
At the end the main character says
The only way to avoid suffering is to forgive
To forgive yourself, forgive others
It’s the only way to stop the pain

Some people think their pain is the first pain
That no one that has come before them knows that pain
And some people take solitude in knowing they are not alone
But then they go too far, saying that

Someone always has it worse

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