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June 9, 2013
By fadwaahmed PLATINUM, Safat, Other
fadwaahmed PLATINUM, Safat, Other
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your hand
makes tsunamis
of the calmest waters

as i run my finger
down the burn scar
that stretches along
your right thumb

i trace its outline
with my finger
and i wonder why it is there
but i do not ask
because i like to wonder

about you
and everything you are
i am afraid of seeing it all
at once and drowning in
it because i am struggling
to keep my head above
the waters as it is

and the waters in the ocean
become the water running down
my cheeks because i
am afraid of everything now

you stop my tracing fingers
and lace yours between them
you do not let me
stir in your presence

but i need to stir
to stay above
and alive

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