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Love, Now

June 9, 2013
By Daniella Cugini PLATINUM, Warwick, Other
Daniella Cugini PLATINUM, Warwick, Other
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Electrify me,
Put my circuits on overload
I'm tired with rules, and hearing them shatter
Is better than oceans, sea-green,
Or any evening sunset sky scene.

Terrify me,
Remind me why I hide away
Brush my fingers against the glass;
Fear, dark fear of getting hurt (again)
And love's effect is Satan's sweet domain.

Identify me,
I'm lost in translation
Crying over everything,
addicting suffocation.
Every word that's laced with spite,
Every restless, sleepless night.

Just you try me,
Through everything
You're still my greatest high
And I'm getting sick
of solitude's lullaby


I'm scared you'll take me in your arms
Then drop me when I know the view.
Still, at least for a while I'd soar.
I'm starting to dislike the ground
And wish to fly with you.

The author's comments:
Getting electrocuted and falling in love inspired me. (Not at the same time, thankfully.)

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