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June 9, 2013
By Daniella Cugini PLATINUM, Warwick, Other
Daniella Cugini PLATINUM, Warwick, Other
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They're waiting for us
For all we know
This might be the last time

I'm spinning
I don't know where I am
or which way is up
But I can see your eyes
And I'm not scared

Promise me you'll run
The cage is closing in
A world like this has no time for us

They're smiling now
For all we know
This could be the first time

All the other details blurred
Statistics in an archived file
I fell in love, and the phrasing's accurate
You don't know where you're going
Or if the ground will be there when you wake up

You don't plan for this,
It happens, that's it
Control slips from your hands again
And who needs to be sane?

They're searching for us
For all we've planned
We might be out of time

Put on your makeup and pretend it's alright
That you don't know it's a dream
The walls are blurred, you cling to him
He's different than before

Something about the eyes

Screams, like choking smoke
Don't remember the spark
Cold despite the flame
You wish you couldn't
remember his name

Cut it off, kill the lights
The floor's still there
It's you that's missing

They're looking at you
For all you feared
Their armies fade into the dust

You can't even remember why you fought
He won't return the calls
The pills can make you sleep
But they won't make you dream

Just be a number now,
It's easier to remember

The only necessity
Is that you can shut your eyes

Once you manage that,
The rest is easy

The author's comments:
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - inspiration.

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