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June 9, 2013
By Daniella Cugini PLATINUM, Warwick, Other
Daniella Cugini PLATINUM, Warwick, Other
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Music, every note a cut
That bleeds magic into the atmosphere
Break the sun,
Make colours the last thing you see
Make grey and darkness disappear

Synthesise love
Into some kind of melody,
That knocks your heart, black, red, blue
Turns your blood ice-cold,
But your sweet eyes shimmer gold.

I feel like drowning
In whites and greys and blacks
If I fade to sepia,
will you remember me?
I won't come back.
The others will say I've gone
The phone will ring and ring

secretly, I'll be hiding under the stairs
waiting for someone to notice

I used to think colours didn't hurt,
But you float on them, you thrive on them,
You make them dance
While your spirit sings
And yet you don't mean it
But every smile stings

The author's comments:
Just seeing people. Infinite people.

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