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if a drop falls in your ocean, does it leave a mark

July 8, 2013
By Daniella Cugini PLATINUM, Warwick, Other
Daniella Cugini PLATINUM, Warwick, Other
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I don't want this. Not again.
To categorise
Every slight change in your voice
Every light change in your eyes
Hanging on your words,
an ice-axe of phonetics
protruding from the cliff face
of a broken mountain.
Our mountain.
The grip seems so sure,
But you slip away in a cloud of gossamer
And tangled threads,
Excuse carried away in a zephyr
That flits against my cheeks
And caresses my hair
As I fall a hundred feet
And pray you'll hear me scream.

I've known obsession.
Lived it,
breathed it,
drowned in it.
Revelled as it drugged me
and danced among the depths
of its whalesong lullaby.
She was a whale,
softened by
this fleeting fame.
Strained me out,
thinking I was special
but just a thousandth krill
with no name.
The waves thicken,
bleed into zephyrs
and die.
Just as she was there, she's gone.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't -

Neurons misfire,
bullets, sweet saboteurs
and I stumble at your smile
and you imprint what was hers.
You weren't easy.
God knows he wouldn't let
My swimming skills

All I want is to stay.
All you need is to be.
You bend these burning letters
Like curving, flowing zephyrs
Along my silvered sea.
I'm held by your breezes.
Nothing's like the terror
Of slowly sinking
Stasis, dying
By only the grotesque
of obsessed

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