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Look at me

July 10, 2013
By Marieke SILVER, Tijeras, New Mexico
Marieke SILVER, Tijeras, New Mexico
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Look at me
in this photograph
I'm young
Cheeks brightened with a smile
Eyes sparkling with joy
Heart filled with enthusiasm
Hands open to hold
Voice high and innocent
Mind empty ready to be filled
Life is promising beauty

Look at me
In your eyes
I'm perfect
Cheeks rosy with life
Eyes soft with love
Heart beating for you
Hands entwined with yours
Voice that speaks of forever
Mind full of warm thoughts
Life is promising of love

Look at me
In my dreams
I'm true
Cheeks relaxed with easy confidence
Eyes inquiring to learn
Heart invincible to anything
Hands capable of everything
Voice fearless and strong
Mind full of my thoughts
Life is unreal.

Look at me
In the flesh
I'm destroyed
Cheeks streaked with tears
Eyes fogged with pain
Heart shattering in my chest
Hands trembling with shame
Voice swallowed before escape
Mind retreating into foggy sorrow
Life is tearing me apart
There's nothing left of me.

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