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A Rather Young Person’s Testimony to Pain

July 15, 2013
By ALM007 ELITE, São Paulo, Colorado
ALM007 ELITE, São Paulo, Colorado
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what to do when people have hurt you,
what are u supposed to do in those situations
in those situations that are never ending
people tell you suffering makes you stronger
but meanwhile you feel like hell
how do you deal with that pain in the meanwhile
how do u know it won't ever happen again
or maybe it felt so bad because u thought it would never end
but what if it repeats itself
i know what if
what if is useless
so condemning and trapping
but what if
if suffering teaches you
how is it that it teaches u for next time
for the next time u suffer
how do u vacation into happiness in the midst of all the suffering
when the people who mattered leave and are gone and leave u alone
with ur thoughts that ur not enough that they love someone just as much
that nothing means anything
when they take ur reality and logic and distort it
what then Patrick,
what do u do then
how do u kill the time without killing urself
even slowly
even through gradual and paranoiac self-destruction?
because how cruel and ironic that even after those we loved and thought loved us
hurt us
we continue to hurt ourselves
they leave the cruelest legacy
those betrayers and ex loved ones
they leave the cruelest legacy
pain and loss
of everything
of happiness
of mind

The author's comments:
Raw and Mostly Unedited, Stream of Consciousness, If You Please

Please note, Patrick is a friend, a very good, very trustworthy friend and a very fine and very trustworthy human being.

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