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Bright Darkness

July 22, 2013
By JavonteWolfe SILVER, Cleveland, Ohio
JavonteWolfe SILVER, Cleveland, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
It's better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not.
-Kurt Cobain

The sky has never seemed more massive to me than it does right now.
I can't see the stars tonight but I know they're there.
I'm envious.
Of the the stars I mean.
Looked up to by everyone, always out of reach.
Being down here is hard.
So much can go wrong and so much trouble can arise so fast that it deserves a speeding ticket.
But all jokes aside the stars have what I want.
There is too though, the wary sense of lonliness that would be ultimately neverending.
Can I handle that?
It's always easier to avoid what makes life hard, but it makes you a coward.
So I've decided to stay on Earth.
What about these lights that line the streets illuminating sidewalks and houses?
They stand tall and firm.
They don't fear the things that go on beside them because they're...
Well they're bigger than that.
Even then do I really want to be above everyone?
Or should I just blend in like a blade of grass and take life as it comes?
I see a firefly.
And as I see him it stops, and turns to face me.
Its miraculous isn't it?
That one small thing in a world so big can somehow illuminate the entire night with a light so bright?
Small yes, but everlasting.
That's what I want to be.
Small enough to be accepted, but bright enough to be noticed.
Bright enough to be seen the same as the stars and lights.
Or maybe dark but can be seen still...
Just like we all see the night.

The author's comments:
My best thinking happens at night, thus my envy for the night shows. By becoming the night it symbolizes my taking the night everywhere I go so that I am always writing at my best.

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