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Two Twenty Two (2:22)

July 25, 2013
By Tarah18 PLATINUM, Brockton, Massachusetts
Tarah18 PLATINUM, Brockton, Massachusetts
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He blew into the coffee shop
With a gust of wind

With his curly brown hair
and his caramel skin

He was six foot six
and drank beer for kicks

He could never love a girl
Too busy was his world

A junior in college
With medical knowledge

He walked into the shop one day

His name was Lile
Lile Wild. His named fit him in every single way

Though he loved to party,
He always saved time to study
In hopes of traveling far away

From the corner of his eye
He saw her and almost died

Lila, dear Lila
The girl with the heart tattoo

She had dark brown skin
and long black hair
That was the opposite of thin

She was deep in a novel,
A romantic novel
Her favorite book;
The notebook

He ran over to her quick
Without a second to think
He sputtered out his favorite line
With the same cocky smile
That he uses everytime

‘What time is it?
Tell me quick!
What is the time and the date
That my eyes laid upon this groovy chick?”

Lila heard him
But was not fazed

She was ready to reject
But looked up from her book
And met his gaze

His eyes
Oh his eyes!
They were giant pools of milk chocolate
When you look in them, they pull you in

In the pool of chocolate
In the pool of chocolate

But you don’t cry
You don’t scream
Because falling,
Is so much better than it seems

‘May 7th 1972
2:22 in the afternoon.
By the way,
I’m diggin’ the fro bro’

With that
Lile smiled
His cocky little smile

Everyday day at 2:20
The seniors in high school
Were let out early
At the Coffee House everyday at 2:22
Lila met her fine dude
The Coffee Shop
Was painted nude
But still the vibe was very cool

There were blue bean bag chairs
Lounging on them,
People with floor length hair

One day,
One fateful dreadful day
Lila sat on Lile’s bed
And on his shoulder she rested her head
His guitar she listened to him play

Then came a bang
A booming bang on the dorm door
A classmate
A friend of Lile
Was shouting,
Shouting ‘Wild! Wild!’

In his mouth hung a toothpick,
The classmate said,
‘Come Lile! Come quick!
You can bring along
This groovy chick
You have to see!
You simply must see!
A bunch of us are getting an opportunity!’

Without thinking he grabbed her hand
and down the hall
He ran
He ran
Down the hall,
He followed the man

He reached the bulletin board
And read the list
His name in bold
He almost missed
For he, simple city boy he
Had been picked!

He was going to a place
Far and Wide.
He was going to beautiful Africa,
No lie!
He was one of the small handful picked,
Picked to go on a trip
To help the sick

He wouldn’t go!
There was no chance!
He hadn’t even taken Lila to her
Senior prom dance

But he had to go,
He could not stay.
There would never be another opportunity
This great

So he left the girl
With the thick, long black hair
He left the girl
Oh life wasn’t fair!
He left the girl
To whom he gave his heart
He left the girl
He couldn’t bare to part!
But alas he left the girl
With the dark brown skin
He left the girl
But believed it was a sin

On the day he was
To take the plane
He stopped and stroked
Her long black mane
Black as night
Black as death
He wasn’t ready to let go yet

She whispered,
Into his ear
And out came
A burning tear
He left without saying a word
He left the black haired nerd

She cried,
Oh she cried!
For she was so blue
As his plane took off
At 2:22

He wrote letters
Oh so many letters
To the cracking coffee house
But the owner kept them
That sneaky mouse!

For the owner loved Lila
He would die for Lila
And every day at 2:22
Lila came to the crumbling coffee shop
To wait for her boo
The owner watched Lila
Both Lila and the Owner
Oh so blue

10 years of waiting
10 years of pain
10 years of crying in the rain.

He blew into the shop
With a gust of wind

With his curly brown hair
And his caramel skin

He was six foot nine
Arms and body
As thin as a line

He loved none but one girl
Who was his entire world

He spent 10 years
10 years of his life
In Africa
But still, he had no wife

He walked into the shop
One day

His name was Lile
Lile Wild, his named
Matched him in no way

He no longer had the strength or joy
To party
Virus messed up his eyesight
He can’t study

From the corner of his eye
Even with his bad eyesight, he saw her
And literally, literally, almost died

Lila, dear Lila
The women with the heart tattoo

She had dark brown skin
And long, thick black hair
The opposite of thin

She was deep in her work
A lawyer for creeps and jerks
She was deep in a book
A law book

He hobbled over quick
His mind unable to think
He tried to utter his favorite line
But instead sputtered up blood
The color of wine

Lila dropped her book
And looked up with a start
And the gruesome sight before her
Teared apart her heart

He had caught a virus
An untreatable virus
Caught from too many roots of papyrus

As a child Lila studied science well
She knew that the virus
Had hit almost every cell
He had a virus factory building inside
For how many years, could he remain alive?

She had stayed with him
For years and years
And every night
Went to sleep with tears

She had tried to nurse him
Back to health
But couldn’t do much
Even with her great wealth

It was May 7th 1992
Lile was on his deathbed
His lips midnight blue

His light brown skin
Covered in spots
On his back you could play
Connect the dots

His brown hair
Fell in curls
His eyes filled with sorrow
As he looked at the girl

He pushed back
A strand of her long black hair
And thought with hatred
Life is not fair!

As tear rolled down
Her dark brown cheek
He croaked his last words
Before falling into death sleep

‘May 7th 1972 was the first day I saw you
May 7th 1992, I’m leaving right on cue
So one last kiss
To say I love you
With one last kiss
I bid you adieu’

His lips cold as ice
Hers tasted like rice
As her long black hair
Fell across his chest
He tried
Oh he tried his best!
To hold on
To stay
But he failed the test
Because as quick as the day
Lile slipped away
He just couldn’t stay
For death doesn’t play

It was 2:22
His lips midnight blue
Lile left like a lion
Ripping Lila’s heart to ions

Lila went to the Coffee Shop
Hoping he’d come back
Like a parade
With his big booming voice
And flashing smile
And that gust of wind
That blew for a mile

When the owner of the coffee shop died
He left nothing but one thing behind
A stack of letters
Yellowed by time
A stack of letters left behind
A stack of letters
From a boy named Lile

The author's comments:
This was my narrative poem for English class... I got many complaints from my peer editors due to the length.

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