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July 28, 2013
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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How do you describe something that you know is real
Something that wasn't there to eyes
But to the heart was ever prevalent
That to the mind was shunned away but to the soul was it itself
How do you describe who you are
And how do you hide it
Why do you hide it?
And how do you describe releasing it
Happiness doesn't cut it
Reality isn't suitable
Truth isn't the smallest part
Completion is what it is
Like adding night to the day
Warmth to the cold
Simplicity to the complex
How to take the realness inside you and make it so
Not many are able
Because not many know
Young eyes know the world best
The smallest child is more observant than the oldest adult
Because they don't understand
Because they are confused but aren't
It's like a flower in bloom
The world coming together piece by piece
A canopy of iridescent beauty
Unmatched by much
Who you are inside
It's no one thing
Like a 40,000 foot drop
Top down
Falling through the air struggling yearning for a purpose
Being out and open but falling,
Plummeting towards the ground
But then right before you hit
The air catches and a breath is exhaled
Then something peculiar happens
Something most can't understand
And something most try to fight off
Something they try to hide
They try to overtake
These are the people who end up hitting the ground
Smashing into "rock-bottom"
These are the people who can't stand what happens
When you understand that falling isn't the worst thing
And that the air around you pushing against you and down doesn't matter
These are the people that float
Imagine a force uncomparable to any
Forcing you upward, but down as well
Throwing you down and shoving you up
Forces punching the face over and over
Bashing, crashing, pain unimaginable
Then nothing
Life simply holding one aloft
Be who you are
Let yourself float
It will and has made all the difference
For who doesn't seek it?
What it REALLY is
So simple
So misunderstood
This is who I am and no one will ever change me

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