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Something to Fight For

July 31, 2013
By JavonteWolfe SILVER, Cleveland, Ohio
JavonteWolfe SILVER, Cleveland, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
It's better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not.
-Kurt Cobain

We were pinned down- my brothers and I.
I knew that if I could hit at least one of their gunners we could turn this around.
I wiped away the dirt from my eyes and continued to stand without making a sound.
I looked over into the foxhole I escaped from seconds ago, and I saw John lying there.
He asked me that day how could I remain so calm, and live as if no pain is there?
To this I responded, "Because there's always something to fight for."
I'm brought back to reality when I heard the gunshots that rattled my soul even more.
My arms were heavy and my balance was off slightly.
Still, I rose that M16 to eye level, and stared down the sights properly.
My hand started to sweat as I aimed to take down the man in front of me.
His face was covered in blood and this sight bothered me.
Was it ours? Even if it wasn't he would no longer have the chance to prove me wrong.
As he fell to the ground it was covered in rain so red it upset the Devil himself.
I dropped to my knees and took cover for a moment, my squad surged forward.
I looked at John, closed his eyes as well as mine, and prayed God bring him home.
When my eyes opened I saw the face of the woman I love, and my child was in my arms.
After all that time I was finally home to enjoy the better side of life's cruel charm.

The author's comments:
There is no stronger driving force for a human being than to be separated from what/who you love, and wanting nothing more than to return to them. Our troops deserve more respect than we give them. Don't forget that it could have been us. So I thank you, all of you who fight so that we may live. I wrote this piece based upon this image

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