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I'm worth it

August 7, 2013
By amadeo GOLD, Williamsburg, Michigan
amadeo GOLD, Williamsburg, Michigan
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Live life in the now and not in the past or the future.

girls what I don't understand is why you go after the stuck up jerk jocks that don't care about you at all while you could go out with someone nice like me I would treat you with respect you deserve I would be there at all times and I would love you as much love as a human can I just wish you girls could see that there are much better guys out there like me one day I will find that girl that loves me and I thought I found her but i don't know if she likes me anymore I just get so scared that we won't go out and I just want to prove to her I'm worth it that I'm
I'm not just another punk a** kid I'm not just saying all this s*** to be cool
And make it sound like girls should date me I'm just saying give the nice guy a chance for once give the kid that gives you the most attention and says he loves you everyday even though he know you won't respond back with I love you too
Just give
Give the kid that always says I will be here when you need help I will always be by your side in a moment of need you can count on me baby one,two,three and I'm there by your side.

The author's comments:
I made this poem to ask girls why do they do that.

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