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August 23, 2013
By ElvenGlory GOLD, Pocatello, Idaho
ElvenGlory GOLD, Pocatello, Idaho
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It happens when you're told you're worthless, it happens when you're told to go die, it happens if you think you're too fat, it happens when you're bullied. Some say that suicide happens for stupid reasons, but maybe not, maybe! Just maybe! You are stronger than others, because if some push you, then they start shoving, you might be too weak to fight back. If you try you might get thrown. It's bad enough being shoved, but who wants to be thrown around like a rag doll? You feel the pain and it just won't go away....make it stop! Please! I'll do anything to make it go away! Just make it stop.... You can't take it anymore so you take that gun, put it to your head and pull the trigger; you take that rope, wrap it around your neck, and push the chair away; you swallow too many pills to count, and just let go. That what we all want to do when we can be pushed that far, we just want to give in, because if the world wants you dead. Why not go out your own way? Why let some one have the pleasure of you going out their way? Some of us can say "Ok, that's it! Enough!" And you fight back, but some of us aren't strong enough. If we fight back we get pushed and shoved more than before. Then we bend...and bend...and bend, until SNAP! We break. It's time to acknowledge suicide, it's time to take a stand and help those who can't. It's time we helped those live, who just don't think they have a reason. It's time we gave them a reason to live!

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