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We of the Never Never

September 22, 2013
By SpidersAcrossStars PLATINUM, Hayward, California
SpidersAcrossStars PLATINUM, Hayward, California
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For you, a thousand times over.

It is white here.
Blank like the slates we used to play on when we were children
But we messed them up
Scratched them
Dirtied them
We should have wiped our shoes on the mat like Ma told us to

The old men of boys
The frail women of girls
They come here
for a second chance at childhood
So many years lost
in the wrinkled fabric of time
folding and folding in on itself

History keeps rolling over
and I guess we'll never really know
where the laughter
and carelessness of summer goes
Only that it shortens each year
and the kids grow old
in the midst of the golden season

The games
The friends
The ideas
Don't let them slip through the crooked silver cracks
Remember the purple suns and fairy tales that only exist here
Because sometimes
we are supposed to do nothing but dream

Don't tell me you forgot
when the whispers didn't bother you,
when you hadn't a care in the world,
when you were going absolutely nowhere
But that was okay
because it was exactly where you were supposed to be

I'll bring the freedom
You bring the long days
and the earth will bring the sun

Here, the raindrops race on the glass
like your own personal shooting stars
Let the water distort your view of the world,
It is much more beautiful that way

Here we chase shadows
just because
We don't need a reason to do anything at all
We are the forgotten kings and queens of our own hearts,
Interpreters of the melodies we sing off tune,
Burned out flames with so much light left to shine,
We are the tired rulers of the imaginary kingdoms that turned against us

Is it too late
now that we've decided to stay this way?
It's better like this
With us as the sultans
of nothing but stories and corners hidden in the worlds that we thought up
That we take pride in
and sip from to taste their warmth on those cold rainy winter days that we love so much

Let us live here
Let us stay
This is who we are

We are The Children of the Never Never
It is us who are the old men of boys
It is us who are the frail women of girls

We needed more than just a new beginning
We needed our very own world

It is white.
It is blank.
And it will always be like that here

The author's comments:
This poem is very close to my heart...and I'll just leave it at that...

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on Nov. 9 2013 at 8:47 pm
Laugh-it-Out PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light" --Dylan Thomas

Wow! There isnt much to say about this masterpiece. Very precise and too the point and I really love the message. Sounds like something I would write which is a compliment ;) haha anywho the only thing I would work on is shortening it because i feel that you got your point across early in the poem but it kept going on, not excessive just longer than needed. Brilliant work though! I truly love it!  Keep rockin Rainy,   ~Liv

on Oct. 12 2013 at 11:36 pm
SpidersAcrossStars PLATINUM, Hayward, California
36 articles 0 photos 160 comments

Favorite Quote:
For you, a thousand times over.

thank you alot. really. made my day

thewriter247 said...
on Oct. 7 2013 at 7:31 pm
Just awesome. Like the rest of your work! :)