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Ladder to the Moon

September 21, 2013
By CharBubble BRONZE, Verona, Wisconsin
CharBubble BRONZE, Verona, Wisconsin
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Achieving your dreams is like building a ladder to the moon.
You must begin carefully, slowly, laying a strong foundation
before adding rung after rung after rung,
knowing the pain of every splinter, of every snapped piece
would fade in time as you grew closer to your final goal.
After a long while, you will finish it – a beautiful, golden, glowing ladder!
A work of art!
You stumble about as you stand it up
And begin to climb

and climb

and climb

and climb

up through the clouds, up through the silky black night, up through the top of the sky –
Until you reach the last rung
and sit down on the crescent moon’s curve.
Trailing your toes through stardust
And reaching up to touch the universe around you,
Your blistered hands will heal,
Your tired feet will be renewed,
And your heart will be filled with a rush of fierce joy
Because finally,
you made it.

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