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When The World Ends

September 25, 2013
By LindseyGirl235 PLATINUM, Hamer/dillon, South Carolina
LindseyGirl235 PLATINUM, Hamer/dillon, South Carolina
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I'll love you forever and always to the moon and back 4,000 .Your mine forever I'll love you alwayes.

The World is ending now
it's going up in flames

Look outside your window darlin'
and see it burst in flames consumed
watch it turn to ash
til' even the memories are gone

watch it my child
now go to sleep
and when I count to 3
You'll be some place safe

with peraly gates of gold
floatign above the clouds
far from all the pain and bad things

btu when you wake in this piece of heaven
to find that I am not there
don't panic and don't search
Just be happy my Darlin'
be happy you made it there.

The author's comments:
one night i was really depressed I wrote this.. when I woke up I had no memory of writing this.

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