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October 7, 2013
By Da&#39Shelle" Hunter BRONZE, Hazel Park, Michigan
Da&#39Shelle" Hunter BRONZE, Hazel Park, Michigan
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Just when you think you have none, didn’t mess with all but you messed with some.
Walking, talking, and laughing.
Good times, Bad times?
The good outweighed the bad . . . . . .
But still there’s on mad or sad.
Never thought something like this will happen . . . . .
Right at the end, asking to forgive!
Never knew leaving friends will feel this way.
But still the stay?
Although we not together every day the loyalty still remains.
Through the hurt and the pain . . . . .
I still feel the same!
You don’t always get what you want in life, so there’s no one to blame.
I miss and love all my friends . . . .
Nothings the same

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because it's my senior year and I had to change schools because of my address. I'm hurt , but I sill have my friends. that's all that matters. Now I'm stuck at a new school with no friends. I only know and talk to one person. I really wish didn't have to change schools.

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Taeve BRONZE said...
on Oct. 9 2013 at 1:33 pm
Taeve BRONZE, Spotsylvania, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
Be You And Just LIVE LIFE !

good one i like it . same here 

on Oct. 8 2013 at 8:32 pm
sadesdd DIAMOND, Elma, Iowa
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I feel for ya, my best friends moved away, but we still get to see eachother and if you can do that then you still have your friends no matter what! Thank you for writing this poem for people going through similar things, words can help!