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The Strangeness of Eyes

November 22, 2013
By Dalia... GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
Dalia... GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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“Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Now do not misunderstand me, danger is very real. But fear is a choice.” –Cypher Raige

Eyes of love
Eyes of lie
Pure as a dove
Filthy and sly

Think not fast
Move not slow
Don’t be first
And never to low

The middle is just about right
To keep you in my sight
Don’t struggle or fight
Just only ignite

Top to bottom
Bottom to top
We spin and spin
As a new phase begins

Jump only on the stones
Be-careful of the river
It can wash away your bones
And leave of you only a blur

We spin and spin and spin and spin
In this world of truth and sin
We keep our balance but not for long
But every thing at one point goes wrong

We fall and fall and fall and fall
And from bellow we give a call
A cry, a reach, a helping hand
We wish on us to land

But we slowly sink deeper in
The scrapping stones leave scars on our skin
We only wish to see the light
But we only see darkness and night

All of a sudden we wake up
In a world that leaves us in a stop
We crawl, we climb
We jump, we dive

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