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December 1, 2013
By No-one-knows-me.. PLATINUM, Rockford, Michigan
No-one-knows-me.. PLATINUM, Rockford, Michigan
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To be or not to be That is the question.

My destiny, to take back what is lost,
This broken and shattered world without light,
Smoke curls up into the night sky,
Above this wasteland,
That once I called Home,

My destiny, to wreak havoc on those who have stolen,
My life away, and replaced it with misery,
I will make these monsters pay,
For what they have done,
Their terrible deeds creating,
This cold, dead, and black land,
With weapons of destruction,
They annihilated us all,

It is my destiny to make sure that they suffer,
Demons with no feelings,
With black, soulless eyes,
Killing with no remorse,
I will take back what was mine,
And restore it to what it used to be,
Beauty and Light,
The air is foul and filled with their despise of us,
But my hatred is stronger,
Keeping me alive,
For I am the last one to stand against them,
Avenging my loved ones, my Home, my Light

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