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Chasing fire

December 13, 2013
By Alixx BRONZE, Ferndown, Other
Alixx BRONZE, Ferndown, Other
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You need a love that consumes you.You want passion and adventure and even a little danger.

The flames danced, higher and higher
Licking, caressing, and stroking
With an intensity that thrilled; it was like
A creature, so dangerous, so beyond belief
That you were forced to watch, as it took over
Nothing could protest or confront, everything
Would be consumed by the passion of that
Roar; as it hissed, snapping with the delight of its
Capture, trapped by its slick arms, nothing could
Escape. No one could walk away from its destruction.
But you couldn’t just watch, or even see it
Without being taken in, possessed by the pure
Emotion of everything, you didn’t care about the danger;
You would just inch closer, desperate to be the next victim
The next one to be broken, beyond repair; until
All that was left was black,
A burnt scar scorched on your skin.

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