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Weighed Down

December 21, 2013
By author_musical PLATINUM, Torrington, Wyoming
author_musical PLATINUM, Torrington, Wyoming
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Weighed down by you
You smile with your eyes
Where did that go?
I saw you, staring at my window
Why did you turn when you saw me?
I know there’s pain
I know that I hurt you
But you shattered me
So when you complain that I’m not there,
Remember that I tried
But I’m tired of the fire and ice
Like a meteor, into my heart
Pick a side
And stay there
Did you pick up my habit?
After dark visits, tears streaming
Freezing in the cold
I don’t regret leaving
But I regret begging to come back to you
As you hurt me again
I watched the autumn leaves,
Sweep you off your feet
Carrying you straight to her
Didn’t you know she wouldn’t stay long?
Didn’t you know that you had me so close?
I was just about to fall from Cloud 9
When you decided to up and leave
The weeping willow has nothing on me
We are honey and the bee
Except I am the honey, ever elusive
It takes hard work to understand me,
Even harder work to get me from the clutches of you
Except you are the bee, ever ready
It takes no time to make you mad,
Even less time to make you sting
You’re here
Should I forgive and forget?
Should I leave you begging?
I don’t understand
The fire and ice flies
On golden sugar maple wings
And I’m caught in the crossfire
Choose me
I know you think I’m perfect
I know you think I’m golden
You weigh me down

The author's comments:
A really strange thing happened to me... And this explains it (sort of - it's a long story)

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