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I Understand

January 1, 2014
By Cameandgonesmarty ELITE, North Vancouver, Other
Cameandgonesmarty ELITE, North Vancouver, Other
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You're standing right next to me, and yet...I miss you.
You're speaking to me, but I can't hear the words.
I see your lips move, and your eyes staring at me,
but that's all they are: voiceless and without meaning.
I feel like you're struggling for change
I think you want it, but don't want to be the one to say it
I don't think you want to hurt me.
You're right: ending things would crush me
But I rather know the honest truth than feel like I'm a burden.
I miss how things used to be sometimes,
the way it used to be
and a lot of the time, it still is that way
You're still one of the people I cherish most in my life
But it is inevitable that over the years we've changed.
I always want you around, for now and forever
But if you want your space
I understand.
So, I guess I do hear the words your lips mouth
Even if no sound escapes them

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