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I'm sorry, Diary

January 7, 2014
By Mkath SILVER, Duluth, Minnesota
Mkath SILVER, Duluth, Minnesota
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Dear Diary,
Something's wrong with me.
I don't have a reason,
but I've been crying a lot lately.
I want so bad to be happy,
but I'm not.
I'm sorry Diary.

Dear Diary,
Something broke me.
I have to say,
I didn't see it coming.
So for now, sad is what I'll be.
and for that,
I'm sorry Diary.

Dear Diary,
Come save me.
I need a hero,
I'm dying
And I'm weak.
I need help,
I'm sorry diary

Dera Diary,
I hope you love me.
I'm so young,
So lonely.
and it's so hard to breath
But don't judge me, please.
Because I'm human,
I'm sorry, Diary.

Dear Diary,
I hate being me
and everything about myself,
makes me so angry.
It would be such relief...
to walk away, to leave.
I'm sorry, Diary.

Dear Diary,
This didn't use to be me.
I've been rubbed raw, I'm dead, I'm gone.
So, with my low self esteem
I'll cry and I'll scream
until I'll fall into dreams
where I wake in the morning
And this didn't use to be me.
I'm losing it.
I'm sorry, Diary.

I'm so, so, so sorry, Diary.

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