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January 8, 2014
By ZoieRose GOLD, Olympia, Washington
ZoieRose GOLD, Olympia, Washington
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People don't always put up walls to keep other people out, sometimes they put up walls to see who's strong enough to break them down

Have you ever thought how to make your mark on the world?
Well I have.
And others have also.
It is not as daunting as you would think.
A mark is a way to be remembered.
A way to fit in, to stand out in the crowd.
You don't want to spend your entire life trying to fit in do you?
Fitting in is the one of the great lies of the world.
You spend all your time trying to fit in and then, when it finally happens, you hate every bit of it and wish you were back to the old you.
And then you go back to your old self, someone says something to make you feel bad about yourself, and you wish you fit in again.
I guess it's one of those,"grass is always greener", type things, right?
You see, everyone who naturally fits in has a secret curse.
They fear change.
They fear not being the popular.
They have nothing beyond the lie they call their life.
Fake friends.
Fake world.
I'm sick of fake people, pretending to be real, to care, to understand.
They take advantage of your trust and use it against you.
They take your friendship and use it to crush your world.
They drive away your friends.
Your family.
Make you forget who you really are.
Who you wanted to be.
It's so annoying.
Just think about it.
What would you do?
You know what I say?
Don't be that person.
Don't be anyone else besides you.
There are only one person that should decide who you are.
No one else.
Your opinion is most important in deciding your future.
No, i'm not selfish.
I'm not full of myself.
I am myself.
And no one can say otherwise.
Do you want to be someone else.
I'm sure you have before.
Everyone has had doubts.
About who they are, what they want to be.
What they want to do.
I have had doubts most of my life.
In fact, I have doubts now.
Though I don't want to change.
I do.
Even though i'm strong.
I still break-down.
Everyone has a weakness.
There all there.
Inside of us.
Always creating weakness.
Always pushing.
Looking for a way inside of your mind.
To break you down.
But there is always strengths.
Some people have a strength that is another persons weakness.
My strength is my weakness.
Its a very powerful thing.
It can hurt.
But also heal.
It has always done both.
A never-ending cycle.
But some love is meant only to do one.
The thing is.
We may not know it when we find it.
And then we might give-it up without knowing.
That one eternally healing love.
We all want it.
Some find it.
Most don't.
Some of the ones who find it give it up without even knowing.
It's funny isn't it.
How life works that way.
Kind-of cruel.
To has something so wonderful and pure.
Then to get it ripped away right before you realize you even have it.
But that's how it works.
That's how it has always worked.
For as long as there has been love.
If your thinking about how this hasn't happened to you.
Your lucky.
Don't let it.
Always be aware of your love.
If it's real, keep it.
If it's fake give it up.
Its simple.
But before you give-up a love.
Think about it.
Really think.
Is it really fake.
Do yourself a favor.
Always think.
About what your doing.
About if this is the right choice.
Love a a hard topic in most's minds.
Though its stereotyped to be magical and wonderful and have no flaws.
That's crap.
I am in love.
I think it's perfect.
But even though it's perfect in my mind.
There is a flaw.
I have no confidence.
It's holds both of us back from the potential of more.
And if you have read this.
You know who you are.
And for my lack of confidence.
I am sorry.
For you're love.
It will always be different.
Different flaws.
Different stages.
Different feelings.
But different isn't always bad.
Difference is one of the true gifts of the world.
Most people take it for granted.
They find being different a curse.
I did for a while.
I still do sometimes.
Is that a bad thing?
Not really.
As long as you know deep down whats true and whats not.
That's one of the hardest things to do.
To admit.
To admit what is true in you're heart.
In your soul.
In your mind.
It's one of the most daunting things in life.
For there is to very conflicting things about the human race.
We strive for and fear change at the same time.
Not small changes like the fake people of the world.
But the changes that will affect your way of thinking.
Of feeling.
Of seeing.
It's normal.
A feeling everyone has felt.
Embrace your feelings.
However painful they may be.
For they are what define you.
Shape who you are.
Remind you everyday that you are alive and you have a heart.
No matter the number of scars you have.
On your heart or on your skin.

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