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Messy Bag, Creative Organization

January 19, 2014
By TheYellowAardvark PLATINUM, Bishop, Georgia
TheYellowAardvark PLATINUM, Bishop, Georgia
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My book bag,
Or more, my artfully organized paper collection
Is not the product of faulty closures or
Unexpected wind tunnels.

It is a dinner party.

A time-line of Napoleon's life
And The Gettysburg Address,
Sip tea around a rhetorical triangle.

As Hamilton and Jefferson,
From within their respective columns,
Make conversation with Mendel's Peas.

Mingling chapters discuss with dog-eared pages,
Favorite verses, clever tropes,
Battles of the Civil War,
The likelihood of drawing a Jack of Diamonds
And then a Six of Clubs.

And as the regal Elizabeth herself
Orders fire on Philip's Ships,
One of every four mice on board,
Is born a theoretical white.

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