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February 2, 2014
By HannaHarris GOLD, Houston, Texas
HannaHarris GOLD, Houston, Texas
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"I've got 40 ridiculous ideas every single second and I intend to express them all." -Ezra Miller

Tilt your head back to hold in the tears
Grab and pull rough skin
Jab your flesh
Hands shake and children laugh
Rake your nails across your arm
Blue eyes glistening with tears
Heat dancing on your body
Teasing you
The cold tiles of the bathroom floor
Beacon you
Memories craving magnificent terror
Lies drip from the corners of their mouths
Everyone carved from salty bones
And your smile ink-stained
You say,
"I am nobody"

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece after talking to an older gentleman about his experiences with education. I was inspired after he told me about not being allowed to go to the school he wanted to based on his race.

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