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February 19, 2014
By lovegirl17 GOLD, Donaldson, Arkansas
lovegirl17 GOLD, Donaldson, Arkansas
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Death- why must we all die?
What if it comes and we never got to say goodbye
It’s such a harsh thing to think of,
Losing somebody you really love

There could be a complete stranger who will die
And relatives won’t be the only ones who cry
Especially if the death was of a baby or small child
Because those who have a soul know the death isn’t mild.

Some deaths could have been painless and quick
But others you’ve heard of could have made you feel sick
Knowing that your life could be over in a blink
Makes you want to go hide under the bathroom sink.

You pick on a little boy who has a rough life to fit in and do what you have to do
But what if you found out that kid killed himself and found out it was because of you
You would feel ashamed of yourself and really bad
And you could possible hate yourself and become very sad.

The author's comments:
I've never lost somebody but I do feel sad when somebody I know losses somebody

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