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Feelings towards him

February 21, 2014
By lovegirl17 GOLD, Donaldson, Arkansas
lovegirl17 GOLD, Donaldson, Arkansas
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Feelings toward him
He was the new boy in school
I looked at him and found him really cool
I wanted to get to know him because he made me smile
And he made it hard for me to think when my heart was running a mile

I talked to him every day and night for two years
Hoping we both could be together without bringing tears
I wanted to tell him I had strong feelings for him and wanted him to know
And I tried everything I could to not let my feelings show.

He finally asked me out and I was so happy and I want it to last
And every time we were together I was always smiling and having a blast
We dated each other for five months and he asked me to marry him
I was shocked but I loved him and I said yes and my answer was not dim

We spent mainly every weekend together and we always had a good time
He took me on a lot of dates and has spent lots of money on me, more than a dime
I moved in with him and everything felt so right
But now it seems I’ve not only lost him I’ve lost all my might

He dumped me and I was devastated, frustrated, and sad
But never once did I say that I hated him or that I was mad
He may be happy now and may not miss all the times we talked
But I’ll never forget the times we were hand-in-hand while we walked

Its been three months since he left me
But I will never give up and hopes he will see
That I still love him with all my heart
And taking me back and loving me would be smart.

The author's comments:
this is my relationship life i just went through

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