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Colors in a Relationship

March 7, 2014
By lovegirl17 GOLD, Donaldson, Arkansas
lovegirl17 GOLD, Donaldson, Arkansas
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There are several colors that can be in a relationship
And they have their own special meanings so try not to trip
When I tell you that every relationship experiences a rainbow,
A rainbow of feelings and colors and you still love him/her so

Red- is anger and you can say things you may regret
Like that you hate that person or with you both never met
But you need to remember that everybody gets mad
And remember this is your lover not your mom or dad

Blue- is either being depressed or your feelings are hurt and you’re sad
Like when he/she says you’re ugly or fat and you don’t want to get mad
So you try to forget it but they can always change things
Like joke with you but propose and give you two rings.

Yellow- is happy and it’s just like the sun that always makes people smile
And you can be so happy that you feel like you want to run a mile
It can happen when you both are together and you smile till your face burns
And you want to be with each other no matter where life turns

Green- is sickness and it’s a feeling that nobody wants to feel and it can get you thinking if the relationship is worth pain and if it’s real
It can be happy one minute and sad the next which can make you sick
And you’re not a dog, you have hands and the persons like a tick so grab it and give it a flick.

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