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The scars are reminders

March 24, 2014
By PoetryGirl96 PLATINUM, Ramsey, Illinois
PoetryGirl96 PLATINUM, Ramsey, Illinois
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I know how your feeling and its okay be scared
I knew what it felt like when nobody cared
I know how it was to sit in the back row of the class
Because if you sat in the middle you were the target of there trash

I know how you see life
And you shouldn’t think that way
Because “life is precious”
That’s what my grandma would say.

I know how cutting made you feel
Like reality didn’t matter
But like the blood on the razor
Life was a window
Things shatter

The scars will always be there
And theres nothing I can do.
They will get in the way
Even with the career I want to pursue
But they are reminders that im strong
And that a person like me can survive
My scars are my healing
My scars are my pride.

The author's comments:
Just a little inspiration from the past, nobody is alone...

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