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Little Red Riding Hood

April 3, 2014
By MaggieWilliams SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
MaggieWilliams SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
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Here I go
Through the woods
Here I go
To grandmothers house

My cape, red as blood
Flows behind my head
I am off to Grandmothers house
Hoping she isn’t dead

My, my! Here is a wolf!
With fur as fluffy as a cloud
He gives me a crooked smile
And asks me where I go and come from.

When he Disappears
I carry on my way
To grandmothers house
I mustn’t dilly dally, or delay

Her house stand wide open
So I shake in fear
As I step into the dim-house
Hoping Granny’s here

A voice peeps up
From granny’s bed
Her eyes wide, and ears huge
I must not be right in the head.

The voice, scratchy as Sand
Speaks loud and clear
As I look closer I see
There is no granny here.

With a scream, I jump back
And the wolf comes out
And prepares to attack
The last thing I see is the inside of his mouth

My world is dark
There is no light
Until I hear a deep scream
And then in comes the light

I was dead
Until a man with an axe helped me out
And this was my trip

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