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We Are Shadows

April 16, 2014
By White-Rabbit SILVER, Thief River Falls, Minnesota
White-Rabbit SILVER, Thief River Falls, Minnesota
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"I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then." Lewis Carroll

I watch as the shadows dance in shatters across the ground. In deep arrays of black & blue without hesitation to cover the earth with a mimicry of ourselves. What is our world if not bruises covered up by the material things we live & breathe? What is our earth without blemishes hidden by beauty that's sold in bottles? And what are we, its poor inhabitants, if not lost in ourselves; placed within mazes of identity without any perceivable way of escape? I can watch as we slip into the dirt, our loved ones revealing less & less remorse for the loss of our souls, but I cannot witness our hearts freeze, even if it means that the tears cease from falling on our fear-filled faces.
Change the image of viciousness that has flooded our eyes and infected our minds with an idea of living purely from the wellsprings of our greed. Overwhelm our world of hate with the shock of a selfless love. Stop shadowing these demons and burst into a light that glows beyond the limits of our universe.

The author's comments:
Our reflections weren't always so ugly. They could be beautiful once again.

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