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words like bullets

May 15, 2014
By lostloveXalexisX GOLD, Neosho, Missouri
lostloveXalexisX GOLD, Neosho, Missouri
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Fat ugly stupid worthless fake emo freak unloved suicidal words like bullets
They hit you all of a sudden feeling lost alone scared lonley confused
judged by what they see fag scene slut lesbian gay
we hurt family to hard teachers always yelling friends walking away boyfriends dumping us
we sit and cry for all the things that go wrong, first love left you for another
family split lost mother father left sisster killed herself
all youve left to do is cry in the corner trying to fight but wanting to give up
thinking its over those words they said to you hurt you too much
feeling like the truth is in what they
thinking when they i love you they mean it
thinking when they say your spycotic a freak fat ugly stupid that its the truth
not given a chance to prove yourself to that one guy
screwing up trust with family
everyone acting like they know your story
when they dont understand there words are like bullets
feeling on edge thinking there right maybe just maybe you fat ugly suicidal
you here it so much you start to believe it
finally at the end you relize they were just words that were like bullets

The author's comments:
i wrote this because people are always getting judged for how they are or look but you dont know there story and the could have allot of things in there family and you make them worse

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