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Simply IS(N'T)

May 27, 2014
By ansem_unlimited PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
ansem_unlimited PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
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Thou may think of me as desired, to idolize or villanize me whichever you may choose. but gaze upon me and thou sall not see the husk of a man! for all my sins and all my bliss, i am anything but hollow

Like a chasm… deep and unknown, drilling a perpetual misery into my soul… darkness, that encompasses me and my entirety with not rhyme nor a reason to be… it simply is. It simply is as I simply exist, as a bird simply flies, as a fish simply swim… this feeling… this hole, simply IS… it consumes me, suppressing all other emotions, this hole growing larger and larger as sadness pours out of & into my soul. And not I can feel it in my throat… choking me but still I breath all the same, pressing against my neck expanding into infinity… and it wells up in my eyes, soft tears begin to form as I fall to my knees. Suddenly I feel it, I feel sadness without reason, misery without logic… I feel such sorrow for the reason of feeling alone, my family, a mere hallway away, there just the same, just as happy as all ways, just as caring as all ways. Still there, all the same… it simply IS just so it can simply BE. And then, it vanished… the hole in my chest filled, the cloud in my mind clearing. And now I feel content, I feel calm… I question nothing of my once perpetual sadness; I fall back into my pattern, but now in serenity simply serene. The sadness I had now simply ISN’T…

The author's comments:
This piece represents simplistic sadness in its purest form, without reason or rationality. In a sense it represents the emotion of sadness totally isolated from the things that cause it. As a matter of fact this is based off a personal experience and I hope you appreciate the awe inspiring presence that is this pure emotion. In a sense sadness can be beautiful…

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