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What Next?

June 9, 2014
By RoseC GOLD, Bristol, Pennsylvania
RoseC GOLD, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"No great mind as ever existed without a hint of madness." - Aristotle

Do you like watching me struggle?
Trying to get to my feet after every new fall
The sound of my pain makes you chuckle
Are you having a ball?
Every glimmer of hope I get
Is followed by unavoidable sadness
I break out in a sweat
Is there no end to the madness?
Will my new start work?
Or am I doomed to forever cry
As you smirk
All I can say is why
Why don’t I get my happy ending?
Why do I have to suffer?
Will the pain ever start mending?
Or am I to be left in never ending wonder

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