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June 11, 2014
By MusicallyObsessed GOLD, Mount Vernon, Missouri
MusicallyObsessed GOLD, Mount Vernon, Missouri
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Tomorrow-1. The day following today:
2. A future period of time.

That is the definition of tomorrow.

What if there was no tomorrow,
No other day to do something,
say something you have been
Putting off?

No next chance to tell someone
That you love them,
No next chance to ace a test.

What if you never got to dance with that one special girl or guy?

Why then, do we always say,
“Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow.”?

Live like there was no tomorrow.
Don’t just label YOLO to everything
You decide to do,
But cherish it.

Look back on today, everything you have done
In the past.
Regret nothing for there could be no

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