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Questions From An Alcoholics Subconscious Mind

July 1, 2014
By KylieKylieMarie GOLD, Little Chute, Wisconsin
KylieKylieMarie GOLD, Little Chute, Wisconsin
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Another empty bottle, hits the floor.
Have you drank enough yet?
Your lips, are trembling,
with a whisky craving,
but all the rum in the world,
will only make you numb for awhile.
So tell me, have you drank enough yet?
Have you drowned all your fears,
or have they learned to swim
in your point five blood/alcohol level?
You have been dying,
since the day you were born.
But now, your heart will stop
at the age of twenty-five.
And no amount of times
your stomach is pumped.
And no amount of compressions
to your chest.
And no amount of clean blood
I give from my body,
will save you,
because life support,
can only last so long.
Because comas don’t just stop.
You have to want to wake up,
and you don’t want to wake up.
And your mother’s tears,
aren’t enough.
And your father’s pleas,
aren’t enough.
And your fiancés loving words,
aren’t enough.
so the machine is turned off.
You have thirty seconds
to change your mind,
but you won’t change your mind.
So the lights go out,
and the last sound you hear,
because I know you can hear:
is the sound of your heart stopping,
the sound of flat lining,
and the sound of you dying.
So have you drank enough yet?
Now that you’re dead.
Or will you drink the tears
of your mourners,
stained to the sheets of their beds?
Haunting your loved ones,
with memories of you.
Sorrow, brimming their eyes
because you are gone now.
You are not coming back.
And they will learn.
And they will move on.
So have you drank enough yet?
You’re running out.
of the poison you’re addicted to.
They’re all cried out.
Eventually you will starve,
withdrawal setting in.
And then you will die,
all over again.
So tell me, have you drank enough yet?

The author's comments:
This piece is a personal reference to a situation that directly effected me and also channeling aspects of a similar story somebody important to me went through

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